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Antenna and Microwave Circuit Design

Microstrip antennas

1GHz to 18GHz

Reflector antennas


Doubly curved

Waveguide horns




Microwave Circuit Design

Power dividers


PIN diode switches

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Calculates the power transfer of a line-of-site communication link.

The program uses the Friis Transmission Formula to calculate the power received at the output terminal of the receiving antenna.

CommsLink is included in "MakingWaves".


MakingWaves is a collection of programs that antenna engineers may find useful in estimating the performance of a variety of antenna types. Programs for designing rectangular microstrip patch antennas and a number of wire antennas are also included.

MakingWaves comprises the following:

  • A calculator for determining the power transfer of a line-of-site communication system.
  • The radar range equation to determine the received power reflected from an object.
  • Radar cross-section calculator for a variety of shapes.
  • Aperture antenna beamwidth and peak sidelobe level estimator for various amplitude distributions.
  • Phased array element spacing and differential phase shift for a given frequency and scan angle.
  • The beamwidth and directivity of a linear array.
  • The beamwidth and directivity of a rectangular planar array.
  • Microstrip patch antenna design program.
  • Wire antenna design and performance predictor for the following wire antennas:
    • Helix
    • Half-wave dipole
    • Folded dipole
  • Reflectometer calculator.
  • Mismatch error limits calculator

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